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What we do

Making communities better, together. We connect real estate developers looking to monetize unused tax credits for additional capital with investors willing to invest in them to reduce their tax liability.

We are here to serve you

We aim to set ourselves apart in order to bring you the most efficient service so you can do what you do best – revitalize communities.

A Deep Knowledge of the Tax Credit Space

Developers and investors come to us because of our longstanding experience and reputation in the tax credit market.

A Streamlined, Seamless Process

With unexpected services like in-house legal counsel, we streamline the process for developers to monetize their credits even with the most complex deals and make it simple for investors to receive an allocation of credits. 

A Local Team, Based in S.C.

We were founded in S.C., by S.C. residents, and are focused on monetizing credits locally to create better S.C. communities for all.

Our unique process

We assist property developers in South Carolina who generate state income tax credits through rehabilitating qualifying properties. Often, these developers have excess tax credits that they wish to monetize, providing them with additional equity to reinvest in their projects or to pay off debts. We simplify the process for developers to monetize their tax credits and offer convenient access for investors seeking tax credits.


Application Process

We can assist developers in the application process for tax credits, ensuring that their projects are structured in a way that maximizes the benefits of those tax credits. We understand the intricacies of the program and work closely with developers' counsel to navigate the requirements and guidelines set forth by the state. Developers can optimize their eligibility for tax credits and effectively utilize them to support the successful rehabilitation and revitalization of buildings and communities.


Review Process

We review financial statements, formation/operating agreements, and qualifying expenses related to the development projects. This thorough examination allows us to ensure that all necessary documentation is in order and that the projects meet the criteria for receiving the tax credits. Our goal is to streamline the process for developers, giving them peace of mind and confidence in the certification of their tax credits.


Fund Establishment Process

We establish annual funds that are specifically designed to invest in projects that generate these valuable tax credits. These funds provide a vehicle through which investors can participate in the revitalization process while benefiting from the tax credits. By pooling resources, we can collectively invest in multiple credit-generating projects, diversifying each fund's portfolio and maximizing the community impact. Through these funds, we purchase ownership interests in the projects, becoming partners in their success.


Investment Process

Accredited investors can subscribe to units of the fund and receive an allocation of tax credits. By acquiring units, buyers gain access to a share of the tax credits generated by the projects within the fund. The allocation of credits is individually tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of each qualified buyer.


"Let’s start talking about using tax credits to make our community a better place.”