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We serve a variety of investors from individuals to corporations and from insurance companies to banks. While only accredited investors are eligible to invest in tax credits, we aim to help these investors achieve their goals in tax savings.


We provide a comprehensive marketplace that connects investors with opportunities to invest in tax credits within various sectors, including historic preservation, renewable energy, and economic development. We offer a streamlined process for investors to research, evaluate, and invest in tax credits that align with their investment goals and objectives.


We understand the unique requirements and strategies of corporations when it comes to tax planning and optimizing financial performance. With our extensive network of tax credit opportunities, we offer you a diverse range of options to leverage tax credits in areas such as historic preservation, renewable energy, and economic development.

insurance companies

We recognize the importance of tax efficiency and maximizing returns for insurance companies. With our extensive network of tax credit opportunities, including areas such as affordable housing, renewable energy, and historic preservation, we offer you a diverse range of options to meet your investment objectives.


We are equipped to meet the unique needs of banks, taking into account their investment strategies and regulatory considerations. With a wide range of tax credit opportunities in sectors like historic preservation, renewable energy, and economic development, we offer you a diverse portfolio of options that align with your risk profiles, investment goals, and CRA objectives.

Investor FAQs

These frequently asked questions may fill in some gaps investors have about tax credits. Click the questions below to learn more, or watch the video about frequently asked questions investors have.

Frequently Asked Questions from Investors
How will I receive my credits?

Investors receive their credits via allocation on a K1 from the fund prior to April 15th.

Why don’t more people take advantage of a program like this?

The main reason is that people are not aware of tax credit programs. Tax Credit Marketplace is bringing awareness to the tax credit market so individuals and institutions can take advance of these opportunities.

What are the risks of investing in tax credits?

Once a project has been completed and vetted by various institutions, the investor just has to wait for the credits to be allocated to their account.

When are my contributions into the partnership due?

Initial contribution is due when the investor subscribes to the fund which can be the first quarter to year-end the timing of which is due to the availability of credits.

Who should I consult before investing in tax credits?

You should consult with your tax and/or trusted advisor to determine what benefits you will actually receive.


"Let’s start talking about using tax credits to make our community a better place.”