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Combining Capital.
Elevating Communities.

TCM gives developers a single, competitive, hassle-free source of funding for rehabilitation projects in exchange for an income tax reduction credit for investors.

Community Impact

Discover the reach of Tax Credit Marketplace through the impact we are able to have on communities across South Carolina.

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Tax Credit investments in 19 S.C. counties
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For Investors

Enhancing the Future

Many tax credit programs incentivize investments in various economic sectors like affordable housing, renewable energy, or historic preservation. These programs offer tax credits as rewards for supporting projects that help communities, allowing you to align your investments with your values while also benefiting from financial returns.

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For Developers

Cultivating Flourishing Communities

Tax credit programs often provide developers with access to additional capital by attracting investors who are seeking tax benefits. These investors, such as individuals or corporations, can contribute equity to your project in exchange for tax credits, thereby providing a source of funding that may be crucial for the project's success.

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Meet the Team

Our team of professionals helps you navigate the complex world of tax credits. Learn more about us!

Meet the Team

What Sets Us Apart

We connect real estate developers looking to monetize unused tax credits for additional capital with investors willing to invest in them to reduce their tax liability.

A Deep Knowledge of the Tax Credit Space

Developers and investors come to us because of our longstanding experience and reputation in the tax credit market.

A Streamlined, Seamless Process

With unexpected services like in-house legal counsel, we streamline the process for developers to monetize their credits even with the most complex deals and make it simple for investors to receive an allocation of credits. 

A Local Team, Based in S.C.

We were founded in S.C., by S.C. residents, and are focused on offering credits locally to create better S.C. communities for all.


"Let’s start talking about using tax credits to make our community a better place.”